Do i Need a new Mattress?


Do You Need a New Mattress?We get asked every week about beds!

The position of your spine while you sleep is critical to how you feel when you wake up. (Remember the bad bed when you stayed at someone else’s). Good sleep allows the body to rejuvenate both physically and mentally. Poor sleep you feel terrible.


Good sleep involves:

1.Sleep posture- the position


3. You – condition you are in


Chiropractors can guide you on sleep posture, correct pillow and help sort out your aches and pains.

Mattress testing

1.Does it sag, have lumpsY – N

2.Do you roll togetherY – N

3.Does it fail the Crean mattress testY – N (ask at reception if unsure, or click here)

4. Do you wake up in pain, feel difficult to get going (but ok when you went to bed)Y – N

If yes to any of the above , you need a new mattress.

Confused on what to look for in a mattress? Ask at reception or Drs. Crean and Dent for a list of features and a 25% off voucher at Sleepys.


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